Beyond Pixel is a forward-thinking VR studio that brings together a wealth of professional experience in programming, VFX, computer graphics, video design, and game development. This collective expertise laid the foundation for Beyond Pixel, which started as a platform for showcasing the latest advancements in the VR industry through experimental videos and tutorials on VR content creation.

Quickly evolving, Beyond Pixel expanded its capabilities to develop and produce captivating visuals for cutting-edge entertainment, including VR, immersive 360 formats, giant screens, and flying theaters.

At its core, Beyond Pixel is driven by a passion for new technologies that transform storytelling, enabling audiences to transcend traditional graphics, animation, and code to immerse themselves in worlds filled with visceral experiences and emotions.

The studio actively seeks partnerships and collaborations with innovative and creative minds worldwide, working to bring to life the visions of brands, agencies, events, producers, and venues.

Arkadiy Grigoryants

Arkadiy Grigoryants
Co-Founder, Creative Director, VFX&CG Supervisor