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NASA announced that a giant asteroid is expected to pass Earth (at a safe distance) on June 6, 2020. The asteroid is estimated to be between 250-570 meters in diameter and is classified as a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid…

Is Asteroids Earth-impact threat real?

Do asteroids have the potential to make a threatening close approach to the Earth?
Join the Asteroids Blast team to find, track and destroy Near-Earth Objects to protect our planet.
Near-Earth Objects, comets and asteroids, occasionally approach close to the Earth as they orbit the Sun and are affected by gravitational pull of nearby planets.

Significantly, among all the reasons that will eventually cause the extinction of life on Earth, an asteroid hit is one of the likeliest. 

Over the years, scientists have suggested different ways to ward off such a hit.
Blowing up the asteroid before it reaches Earth or deflecting it off its Earth-bound course by hitting it with a spacecraft.
Choose the best spaceship for your mission, save the Earth and survive!